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⯌ Production Schedule

Bespoke Merchandise - Production and Shipping:

Most Items are Bespoke and Made to Order Expressly for You.

  • Production does not begin until Your Order is placed.
  • Production & Shipping on Bespoke Furniture, Lighting and Mirrors may take up 60 days.
  • Production & Shipping on Bespoke Clocks & Candelabra may take up to 28 days.
  • Production & Shipping on Bespoke GuyDesign® Jewelry may take 21 to 28 days.
  • We offer all GuyDesign® Jewelry Semi-mounts set with Colorless F+, VS Hearts & Arrows, Mined Diamonds or Near Colorless G+, VS Clarity Precision Cut Diamonds. All are Mined, Conflict Free Diamonds.
  • We will ship Domestic and Internationally to your Billing Zip Code.
  • Please contact the Salon for Special Pricing and a Custom shipping Quote.